So I guess this is yet another blog about Office 365 and Azure... and still I did start it. I blogged before, when blogging about all the mundane things in your life was the new thing (before Facebook arrived). My life wasn't interesting enough to write about it every day, so that wasn't really a success...

When I started my professional career (around the same time SharePoint 2010 was released), Microsoft wasn't cool or sexy. Choosing a career working with their products wasn't evident, and blogging about it was even a step further.
A lot has changed since then and now with Office 365, the product has evolved enormously. I love it even more, with all the additional products besides SharePoint I can play with!

In my work as an Office 365 consultant, I discover something new every couple of days and even some things that aren't found around the internet yet.
I wanted to share them somewhere, so I became more active on Twitter but there is only so much you can share in 280 characters.

So that's why I started another blog: for the love of the product, the insights that I can share or the small tips and tricks that are obvious for me but might not be for someone else. I learn a lot from the community, I use a lot from the community so now it's time to give something back.