Apr 20, 2020 1 min read

Teams for Education, Fundamentals (April 2020)

An introductory presentation about Microsoft Teams in Education, created to help out some schoolteachers in Belgium.

Teams for Education, Fundamentals (April 2020)

My significant other is a secondary schoolteacher over here in Belgium. Given the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus that's roaming the world, our schools have been closed for the last four weeks.
First two weeks were used to finalize some existing assignments and getting used to the "new normal", and then we had two weeks of Easter holidays. Today is the first day they start with "pre-teaching": teaching new content which they are supposed to repeat when the schools reopen.

Their technology of choice to support them through these difficult times is Microsoft Teams, which I can't applaud enough.
From the sidelines I could follow along a bit how their school was finding a way of working with this new technology, and it looked like I could provide some guidance. I decided to throw together some slides, some demo's and walkthroughs and best practices to help them focus on teaching instead of technology.

I can't imagine her and me being the only ones around the world in this position, so I decided to share the presentations (there is a Dutch and an English version). It's for sure not the only or the best content out there, but it might just help someone getting started.

Thank you to Matt Wade who gave a similar presentation to the colleagues of his significant other, and inspired me to do the same for mine (and he graciously provided the slide deck).
Another thank you to Chris Hoard for his amazing series around Microsoft Teams to which I can point for more information.

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