It's been a long time since I posted an update on the SPFx People Search web part, to be completely correct: I never posted an update after the initial release in July 2020 😯. Time to post the release history, because I just put out v2.5.0!

Latest version: v2.5.0

Basic functionality stays the same, so the screenshots/gifs from the original post are still valid:

Graph People Search
Live Persona Card


All of this can also be found on the releases page at GitHub. I did an effort to tag all releases in the previous commits, so that it would be clear when functionality and changes were introduced.


  • Fixed a race condition when combining querystring input in PnP Search Box with dynamic data connection on this web part


  • Added option to hide results on load so that a query NEEDS to be submitted before first results show up.


  • Cleanup of dependencies
  • Updated readme to include PnP PowerShell approach for adding Permission Scopes
  • Cleanup of import statements
  • Updated to use TypeScript 3.9
  • Fixed disappearing search box on publishing of page
  • Fixed overwriting a changed result set by delayed profile picture fetching


  • Switched to using v1.0 endpoint on Graph, instead of beta, since all required features are now GA


  • Added User Profile Pictures


  • Updated Readme to use CLI for Microsoft 365 instead of Office 365 CLI
  • Fix a bug when combining showBlank and SearchBox: entering a searchterm without results would remove searchbox and there was no way of resetting query
  • Fixed the "undefined" on result count when accessing a page > 1


  • Added built-in SearchBox
  • Option to disable Live Persona Card
  • Support for Pagination