Microsoft exams and certifications used to be organized by product (exams for SharePoint, exams for Exchange, etc.) but not so long ago they went with a different approach.
The transition to the cloud, where product boundaries fade, inspired a change from product-based to role-based certifications. Some examples:

It became a bit more complicated for me and my team to know which exams to take to reach which certification level, and who could take which transition exam to get there faster. The new exam/certification overview on the official website is a big improvement but I still found myself explaining the different certification paths multiple times a month.
Inspired by some imagery the Microsoft Learning team uses to announce new exams, I created a visual overview in PowerPoint of the certification paths:

Feel free to use the images or download the PowerPoint presentation for your own use. I take no responsibilities for the correctness of the information (check the Microsoft Learning website!), but I'll try to keep it updated.