Dec 27, 2018 1 min read

Generic URLs for all Office 365 Group connected workloads

Get the links to all the Office 365 Group workloads, using the groupstatus.aspx page.

Generic URLs for all Office 365 Group connected workloads

Did you ever want to link to the Notebook or the Planner associated with a specific Office 365 Group? The Microsoft Teams team maybe?
I've had to create multiple custom SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts and extensions linking to one or more of these workloads, and this workaround saved me a lot of time and execution resources but it seems that not much has been written about it yet... Time to change that!

I used to load the correct URLs using Microsoft Graph but this method is much easier! Assuming the code runs on a group-connected SharePoint site, it's as simple as using the URL template: <siteUrl>/_layouts/15/groupstatus.aspx?target=<target>

You have to replace <siteurl> with the URL to your Group-connected SharePoint team site, and replace <target> with something from the following table:

Workload <target>
SharePoint site site
Document library documents
Group mailbox conversations
OneNote notebook notebook
Microsoft Team team team
Planner plan planner
Group membership members
Group calendar calendar

This only works if you already know the URL of the SharePoint site associated to the Office 365 Group. If you don't know the URL but you do know the root SharePoint URL (like and the id of the Office 365 Group, you can achieve the same result using the following URL template: <siteUrl>/_layouts/15/groupstatus.aspx?target=<target>&id=<groupId>

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