Nov 19, 2018 1 min read

Enable SendGrid with Ghost on Azure

How to use the SendGrid free tier in combination with your Ghost blog running on Azure.

Enable SendGrid with Ghost on Azure

Sometimes your Ghost installation needs to send out emails, and it needs an emailservice for that. By default Ghost has support for MailGun, Gmail or SendGrid. Paid plans on Azure get a Free Tier of SendGrid with their subscription, so that's what I'm going with.

Create a SendGrid account

  1. In the Azure Portal, go Create a resource
  2. Find SendGrid Email Delivery
  3. Fill in the form fields, and select the Free tier

Configure SendGrid

  1. In the Azure Portal, find your newly created SendGrid resource
  2. Click Manage, it will redirect you to the SendGrid website
  3. In the menu, under Settings, select API Keys
  4. Click Create API Key, give it a name and select Restricted Access
  5. Only enable Mail Send, and click Create & View
  6. Copy the new key and save it for use in the next step

Configure Ghost to use SendGrid

  1. In the Azure Portal, go to the Azure App Service running your Ghost blog
  2. Select Application Settings in the left menu
  3. Fill in the following App Settings:
    1. mail__from > you can choose this yourself, eg.
    2. mail__options__service > SendGrid
    3. mail__transport > SMTP
    4. mail__options__auth__user > apikey
    5. mail__options__auth__pass > the key from the previous step

You can test the setup by going into your Ghost admin panel. Under Labs you will find an email testing tool. You should receive the email and you can check SendGrid for more information!

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